Commercial Demolition

Di Trento Demolition is a Class 1 demolition licence holder this enables us to provide our clients with all their commercial demolition requirements including high risk demolition work such as:

  • Demolition of structures that are more than 10 meters in height
  • Demolition of a building or structure that involves use of load shifting equipment such as a suspended floor
  • Total or partial demolition of a pre-tension or post tension structural components of a building or structure
  • Total or partial demolition of a building or structure containing pre-cast concrete tilt up panels
  • Work involving the removal of key structured members of a building or structure so that the whole or a part of the building or structure collapses
  • Demolition work to a building involving the use of explosives
  • Demolition work to a structure involving the use of a crane with a safe working load greater than 100 Tones
  • Demolition work consisting of removal of brittle or fragile roofing material in excess of 200m2 at height of 10 metres or greater from ground level on any building or structure

Our recent commercial projects completed include

  • 210 Jull Street Armadale
  • Albert Facey House Perth
  • Belmont Forum
  • BP Petrol Stations – Various
  • 7 Eleven Ascot
  • Hungry Jacks Stores
  • KFC Stores
  • Mc Donald’s Stores
  • Oyster Bar – Elizabeth Quay
  • Perth International Airport
  • Perth Zoo – Lion Enclosure
  • RAAF Air Base Pearce
  • Rendezvous Hotel – Scarborough
  • Royal Perth Hospital
  • Telstra Telephone tower’s & Communication Receivers
  • Telstra Satellite Dish/ Dismantle/Demolition & Removal
  • The Esplanade Hotel – Port Headland
  • Stirling Central Shopping Centre
  • St Marys School

Gallery of Works

Croissant Express & Bank West Building West Perth
Telstra Tower Removal
Satelite Removal
KFC Ascot
Perth International Airport
Albert Facey House
Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough
Dome Cafe